Routine Hygiene & Exams

Brushing and flossing at home removes most of the plaque and germs that accumulate in your mouth, but it’s nearly impossible to remove it all on your own. The American Dental Association recommends cleanings and exams at least twice a year to prevent gum disease and cavities. Our hygienists are your dental advocates and they will partner with you to improve your daily brushing and flossing habits in a customized way.

Here is what to expect at your check-up appointment:

Digital images to check for cavities and pathology
Visual examination of your teeth, gums, face, jaw and neck
Head and neck oral cancer screening
Gum disease evaluation
Teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment

Routine Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning?

  • During your yearly exams, we will determine what type of cleaning you will need based on our clinical examination, digital images, and gum diagnosis. We will check for any
    signs of periodontal disease, which is a combination of both gum and bone disease. If addressed early, periodontal disease can be possibly reversed.
  • Routine Cleanings​ are recommended to maintain your health gums. It is performed to remove any additional plaque and tartar that have accumulated between your teeth and under your gums.
  • Deep Cleanings​ are needed when there is too much plaque, bacteria and tartar around your teeth and gums. The tartar and bacteria are accumulated in the “pockets” caused by gum disease. Unlike routine cleanings, deep cleanings usually take more than one appointment because of how extensive the cleaning is.


Fluoride Prevention

  • The ​American Dental Association recommends topical fluoride based on your risk for getting cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens your teeth and makes them more resistant to tooth decay. We recommend a fluoride varnish after cleanings to boost your enamel’s strength. For those with a higher risk for cavities, we will customize your treatment and provide additional products for you to take home, as well as nutrition coaching in relation to dental health.